Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Black Models ROCK!!!!

1) Liya (IMG) and Jourdan (WOMAN) just got the covers of American Vogue and made history for using the woman of color back to back on the cover. Mrs. Obama was on the March cover, Beyonce was on April and now Liya and Jourdan on the May covers!!

2) And now Ms. Alrenis Sosa is on her first Vogue cover. And its German Vogue. She is the first BLACK model in 5 years to appear on the cover. The last model was Naomi and the year was 2004! Congrats ALRENIS!!!

3) Last but on least, American sweethearts Chanel Iman (FORD) and Sessilee Lopez (MAJOR) are stirring up the buzz on twiiter.

Chanel Posted: "IN London Shooting a MAJOR SURPRISE COVER!!!!Its top secret can't give it away!!"

Sissilee Posted: "
Leaving London now!!! My God when you guys see the photos from this shoot you will die, all i can say is ITS A MAJOR MOMENT IN FASHION!!!!!"

All I got to say is I can't wait to see what they are talking about!!!!!!!! I hope its a cover of VOGUE UK or VOGUE Paris or anything and I hope they both are on the cover toegther!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Alrenis looks beautiful

Fashion Addict said...


Mo said...

Arlenis is awesome.
Black models are balck and (hopefully) here to stay.