Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Future Face: Anna de Rijk

Who: Anna de Rijk

Age: 20

Nationality: Dutch

Agency(s): DNA Management in New York, and Women Management in Milan, ViVa in Paris

Why is she the future face?: Because she is about to conquer the modeling industry as we talk. she has already walked Dries van Noten, Kenzo, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu shows in Paris and many others in Milan. Anna can do everything, from commercial to editorial to sexy. She's a taotal Package!! Keep your eye on her, remember her face, memorize her last name because your'll be seeing it a lot in upcoming seasons!!

Here's her mini interview (thanks to Julia Frakes!)

JF: Do you believe in luck?
Anna: Yes! Especially as a model. It's quite lucky to have the right look at the right time. Fashion always changes...

JF: What are your hobbies or otherwise hidden talents that may surprise people?
Anna: Daydreaming: it’s not exactly a talent but it sure is an addictive hobby.

JF: How do you keep yourself entertained backstage?
Anna:Looking at people; otherwise reading and dreaming away.

JF: Who are some of your heroes of fiction?
Anna: At the moment, Howard Roark from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.

JF: Which current model do you think has the fiercest runway strut?
Anna: I was pretty surprised when I saw Karlie Kloss walking at Lanvin. I had never seen anyone walk like that! A bit deer-like and so graceful.

JF: What makes you laugh uncontrollably?
Anna: I always have a laugh at myself whenever I do something stupid. I’m very good at saying or doing dumb things in important, consequential situations.

JF: How do you think Obama's sweeping campaign messages of "hope" and "change" - and eventual election - was translated on the runways this season?
Anna: At the Lanvin show Alber chose a hopeful finale song that referred to change... and the applause (which of course was aimed for the clothes as well) was really BIG! I think that a lot of designers tried to portray something positive with their collections.
Also, from a model standpoint, I heard that they finally wanted more diversity: girls with more character in their faces, more black models, and more cultures represented overall. Identity is progressively becoming more important.

JF: What do you consider to be the most widespread misconception about models?
Anna: People outside of the fashion industry tend to think there is this "stereotypical model." That’s a really ignorant idea; models are, like everyone else, all different.

JF: Who do you trust more than anyone else?
Anna: My family

JF: What is your favorite meal of the day? How would you rate your cooking ability?
Anna: I’m sure there will be a day when I will learn all about the art of cooking... but for the moment I've only conquered preparing breakfast. When I am at home I really dig our special "birthday breakfasts"!

JF: While traveling abroad, what do you like to do in new cities? Where are your favorite places to shop in the fashion capitals?
Anna: I like seeing exhibitions and going to the movies or theater: generally doing touristy activities. As for shopping, I was convinced that NYC was the best... but I’m not so sure anymore. I’m going to give London a second chance this weekend... I think it’s more about knowing where to go.

JF: What is the most stressful aspect of fashion week? And the best part?
Anna: The whole fashion month is one big "stressbulp" - running around and being on time for everything! And then there are always a million things that I have to do apart from fashion week which I completely forget all about. But in the end, I got used to it; and of course I loved seeing all the clothes and getting a sneak peek into the creative process!


Anonymous said...

Awww she seems to be sweet. And also so beautiful. Lovely interview.

Fashion Addict said...

A major future face! She reminds me of Ali Michaels

Anonymous said...

She is so CUTE.