Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emma Watson has the most Magazine Covers in the WORLD of JULY 2009

Elle (UK)

(American) Teen Vogue

Atrevida (Brazil)

Joy (Spain)

Go Girl (Indonesia)

I Love You (Russia)

Cosmo Girl (Indonesia)

Maire Claire (Czech Republic)

Emma Watson (Storm) is on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! Above were only a few magazines cover that she's on.....yes only (few)...19 years old actress/model is unstoppable. She has just begun! Let's just hope she doesn't end up like Lindsay Lohan...

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Cecilia Lourdes said...

She is just fantastic. She is so successful and nevertheless she is planning to go to university, she seems so nice.
Besides, she looks great in every cover. AND she is perfect for Burberry.