Thursday, July 9, 2009

Natasha Poly Unplugged!! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

When we first thought to submit our “fucked-up qvest” to a top model, the first one who come-up to our minds was NATASHA POLY, in the same moment we thought that it was going to be just a dream. So Markus sent her an e-mail, and in 2 days we got the qvest. DAMN, this girl must be as fucked-up as we are.
Protagonist of many prestigious campaigns such as Gucci, Missoni, Dolce&Gabbana, Jil Sander (just to name a few), her face appeared 12 times on the cover of VOGUE and she walked for over 650 shows.
She defines herself just as a “normal girl”, we don’t think so!!! She is just our favorite model ever!

FUC: How fucked-up are you?
N.P.: It depends on the hour really, in the morning more then ever..

FUC: You probably changed the parameter of beauty, how does it feel?
N.P.: Goh whaaw, I don’t think I alone changed the parameter, every model, every photographer, every designer, .. helped changing. And I will change every day. But I’m really excited that I’m a part of that! That I had the chance to be an inspiration.

FUC: What’s the most fucked-up experience you had during one of your shootings?
N.P.: Well it was in de beginning of my career, he wasn’t such a big famous photographer who could spend a lot of money on the very best equipment.. (that should be a little mini- excuse) Anyway we were shooting and it seemed to go all fine. But suddenly he goes crazy! He starts screaming that everything was like shit and he couldn’t work with any of us and the lights sucked, and stuff like that! A guy tries to calm him down, but he throws his camera at him, just like that! Which resulted in both breaking his camera AND the guy’s nose… really horrible… and all I could do was standing there and shaking all over..

FUC: Who is the most fucked-up photographer you’ve worked with?
N.P.: The guy who threw his camera at the other guy.. haha

FUC: Which song is the most listened in your I-pod?
N.P.: I can’t really name just one song, I switch too much of music on my I-pod.. at the moment I listen a lot to Saybia, the Delgados and Sinead O’Connor

FUC: How do you see your self from now in 2 years?
N.P.: I see myself doing what I love, which is living like I do now haha. I hope that my career is still steady and certain, but you never know. I hope I’m still very close to my friends and family, but maybe with a little more time to spend with them. And who knows, maybe even married ;)

FUC: Which is the best club you’ve been?
N.P.: I don’t go much to that place, but when we do.. Cielo

FUC: Which is you favorite designer?
N.P.: Just one?? Sorry this question is too hard for me..

FUC: Where is the strangest place you woke up after a fucked-up night?
N.P.: Central Park.. no further comment haha

FUC: Your favorite cocktail?
N.P.: Anything with vodka. what can I say, I’m Russian!

FUC: Honestly are you snob? We don t think so…
N.P.: Oh I hope not!! I don’t feel better then other people, maybe a little bit luckier than others. I’m just a simple girl from Perm, who loves to have fun with her dearest! Money or fame aren’t the most important things in life, they fade and do not make you happier. As I said, maybe I have had a bit more luck then others, but that doesn’t mean that I can walk around arrogant, and I never will

FUC: What’s you favorite quote?
N.P.: “age ain’t nothing but a number”

FUC: Which movie would you recommend to our fucked-up readers?
N.P.: “Sin City” is fucked-up and fucked-up great!! So it definitely suit your readers haha

FUC: How do you fight the GLOBAL WARMING?
N.P.: I try to walk as much as possible, take the subway.. I do little things at home, like unplugging everything I don’t need at that moment, or wait with the dishes until I can’t ignore it anymore.. the pile’s just too big!! So that way you use less water ;) the little things count as well right!?

FUC: Next time in Milan, why don’t we party all together, uh?
N.P.: Of course ;)

Kisses to FUC!

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