Friday, August 28, 2009


Want to be the next "IT BOY" of the male modeling world??
Be on the AD Campaigns like Calvin Klein?
Walk the runways of hot BRAND name designers?
Be in Editorials?

Want to be the next TOP MALE MODEL?

Well right now is your chance!

Vman is searching for you! So far the winners and the runner ups of Vman Model search have walked on the hottest shows from New York to Paris to Milan and have featured in numerous magazine and have made a name for themselves in the modeling industry.

Petey Wright to AJ Abualrub to CJ Hancock are considered TOP male models today.

Do you have what it takes?

If you think you do and ready for your big shot Vman Ford Model search is looking for you. You have until September 14th to fill out THIS application!

The winner will win a FORD Models Contract, have a COVER of the next VMAN magazine, and will be put on a map of male modeling seen by client around the world.

I went through and did see some bad pictures and good pictures of the contestants. Above are contestants who I believe has a unique, standout, and have sharp look to them.

Good Luck!

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cool boys