Monday, September 7, 2009

High Fashion Playboy?? Purple's SEXIEST Photoshoot!

Sex, Lust, Nudity is all over this issue of Purple Magazine! Yesterday I posted (one post down) Baptiste Giabiconi's racy shots from the issue and today I bring you Freja Beha Erichsen (IMG), Eniko Mihalik (Marilyn), Magdalena Frackowiak (DNA) and Abbey Lee Kershaw (Next) STEAMY photoshoot shot by Terry!

Its HIGH FASHION meets playboy is some way. Male Models will be all over this Editorial!


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wild things

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Mo said...

Thank God i didn't open this while at work, my editors would probaby think differently of my fashion taste ;)
this was very blunt, but it's Terry Richardson....not bad

ryder said...

freja must have been really really happy while shoting this piece.
i dont understand while people dont like this editorial. i think its magnificent. i find it sexy and sharp, not vulgar at all.
what is pirelli calendar then? and everyone likes pirelli. sure, terry likes naked women with curves and basic instincts, i dont see no wrong in that.
nothing here looks cheap. (of course it's chanel :)
its that type of magazine, edgy and provocative.
like dogging by meisel in v mag. do you remember?
well, that editorial i dint like, but this one is HOWT!
btw if magdalena had more curves she would be n1!
and one more thing, interesting tatoo eniko has ;)
as almost always: great choice of subject.

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Sohyle said...

People don't like this are simply HATERS Ryder. Nothing else. And yes, pirelli calender is nothing compared to this editorial. People just like to make a big deal out of anything.