Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Model of the Moment (female): Jessica Stam

Who: Jessica Stam

Age: 23

Nationality: Canadian

Agencies: IMG (NY) Why Not (Milan)

Why: For being on the FIRST cover of Turkish Vogue!! Looking better than ever!


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Dubai's it girl said...

Jessica Stam happens to be onw of my favorite models. I love her because she represents for me what a healthy model should look like. I see her doing big things in the future, outside of modeling. There was a rumor that she was going to retire. Do you know anything about this?

Sohyle said...

Hey Dubai's it girl! I've ran into her and yes, she is breathtaking in person. Amazing and down to earth as well because when I saw her she was helping two new models who were lost so she helped em find their way to their castings.
And she's not retiring from modeling at all. She did take time off but that's it, infact, she's actually is started her own LINE w the help of some designers. Rumor has it shell b debuting her line the next NY Fashion Week. Stay tuned.

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Taj said...

Jessica Stam is sooooo pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

she's incredibly beautiful! i first saw her in a dior (i think) campaign like 2 years ago and i couldn't get over how pretty she was! she'll always be one of my favorite models!

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