Thursday, September 24, 2009

BurBerry <3 Anna(s)!

Anna Selezneva walked the Burberry Show in London yesterday, she appeared three time, she closed the show and looked flawless doing it. The show was opened by Anna de Rijk who also appeared three times. Love Anna(s)!!

AND HERE's the Video of the Show! Enjoy.


ryder said...

anna de rijk is a great girl. amazingly beautiful and what a professional! very responsable.

seleznvea is seleznvea, beautiful & quiet.

i loved the show. maybe the best so far.

Mo said...

Oh Anna selezneva! never get tired of those intense eyes!
xoxo Mo

kelsea said...

i love anna!! she's one of my all time faves <3
lov your blog too!

Womens dresses said...

The dress in the second photo is gorgeous!!love the croped peacoat look.. said...


Ilove them!

kelsea said...

anna selezneva is amazing. one of my all-time fave models for sure!

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